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An unusual growth near the abdominal area does not necessarily mean that you have cancer.
For example, Crohn disease or bowel obstruction can cause many tender, sausage-shaped masses anywhere in the abdomen. Similarly, liver enlargement (hepatomegaly) can cause a firm, irregular mass below the right rib cage, or on the left side in the stomach area. However, Cancer of the colon, liver or kidney can also cause a mass almost anywhere in the abdomen.
So, getting a routine physical exam will be the best approach for you and to follow up on the abnormal mass according to your physicians advice. If he/she advice's you to take a cancer screening, it is the best choice to listen to their instructions.
• Having a persistent cough dosen't mean you have cancer, this might be due to cold or acid reflux or even some allergies.
• The USPSTF says that for woman above the age of 45 have average risk of developing cancer and if your family members are diagnosed with cancer then you have a higher risk of getting cancer.
• So it is advisable to talk to your health care provider and get a cancer screening test for your own safety.

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