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Abstract: Yes! It is true that breaching of regulations, i.e Pharmacy Practice Regulations, 2015 is observed everywhere in medical care establishments and also chemists and druggists associations are involved to apprehend the regulations. This is supported by the RMP – unethical associations. In this scenario, PharmD or Pharmacy Practitioners or Clinical Hospital Pharmacists are facing difficulty in providing their services in the healthcare sector. Central government and Pharmacy Council of India have to sort out and implement the Pharmacy Practice Regulations, 2015 in every medical care establishment, because the outcome of the patients are not available in any database and showing more adverse effects in the population and also in the patients mortality or hospitalization during the therapeutic procedures or the drug related side effects. The prejudice and malpractice are clearly observed and it should be detained with the implementation of regulations in India.

It is very clear that the outcome of the patients has to improve with the increased role of the Clinical Hospital Pharmacist in medical care establishments everywhere in our country. This is essential and urges to implement for the safety concern as well as for the pharmaceutical care, concern to sort out the privileges given by the Pharmacy regulations.

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