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Schedule G Drugs

Medicines listed as schedule G medicines carry on the label a caution. Caution -- "it is dangerous to take this preparation except under medical supervision.

  • The Caution is conspicuously printed and surrounded by a line within which there should be no other words.
  • It is necessary to make proper bill of sale.
  • Records of purchase and sale of these medicines must be maintained for a period of 2 years
  • Eg: Aminopterin, L-Asparaginase, Bleomycin, Busulphan, Chlorambucil, Chlorthiazide, Glibenclamide, Hydantoin, Hydroxyurea, Insulin, Metformin, etc.

Schedule H Drugs

This Schedule includes PRESCRIPTION DRUGS i.e. Drugs and Medicines which must be sold by retail only when a prescription by RMP is produced.

  • The time and date of prescription must be noted.
  • The drug label must display the texts "Rx" and "Schedule H drug. Warning :To be sold by retail on the prescription of a Registered Medical practitioner only" prominently.
  • Drugs specified in Schedule H, and comes within {Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985} labelled with the symbol "NR" & Schedule H drug Warning prominently.
  • Contains a list of 536 drugs.
  • Eg:-Abxicimab, Acyclovir, Diclofenac, Baclofen, Carbidopa, Terazosin, etc.

Schedule H1 Drugs

Schedule H1:- Introduced under the Drugs and Cosmetics (4" amendment ) rules 2013, by MOHFW on 30 Aug, 2013 vide GSR 588 (E) to regulate sale of antibiotics.

  • To have separate regulation to check unauthorized sale of antibiotics, thus monitoring use and abuse of these antibiotics.
  • Here, the drug has to be labelled with symbol "Rx" in red and conspicuously displayed on left corner of the label with the following words in box with red border.
  • e.g. Alprazolam, Balofloxacin, Buprenorphine, Capreomycin, Cefdinir, Cefditoren, Cefepime, Cefetamet, Cefixime etc.

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