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Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) was introduced in 1975 as a standardized tool for objectively assessing clinical competencies - including history-taking, physical examination, communication skills, data interpretation etc.

It consists of a circuit of stations connected in series, with each station devoted to assessment of a particular competency using predetermined guidelines or checklists.

OSCE has been used as a tool for both formative and summative evaluation of medical and Pharmacy graduate and postgraduate students across the globe.

The use of OSCE for formative assessment has great potential as the learners can gain insights into the elements making up clinical competencies as well as feedback on personal strengths and weaknesses.

However, the success of OSCE is dependent on adequacy of resources, including the number of stations, construction of stations, method of scoring (checklists and/or global scoring),the number of students assessed, and adequate time and money.

Lately, OSCE has drawn some criticism for its lack of validity, feasibility, practicality, and objectivity. There is evidence to show that many OSCEs may be too short to achieve reliable results.

There are also currently no clear cut standards set for passing an OSCE. It is perceived that OSCEs test the student’s knowledge and skills in a compartmentalized fashion, rather than looking at the patient as a whole.

Herewith we attached a model video for reference purpose
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