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By GNRCMedishop
One of the most common reasons which lead to dozens of medical problems in a person is Obesity. It is a medical condition which is a result of the storage of excess fat in the body making a person over weight. People generally tend to get overweight due to excessive food intake and an unbalanced diet. There are many other factors too which results in obesity. It can be hereditary or can also occur due to lack of any form of physical exercise. Intake of certain medicines is also known to cause obesity in a person.

So what are the factors which lead to a person becoming obese? Well, there is no definite single reason or cause for becoming obese. But one of the biggest and most common reasons for becoming obese is when a person takes down more calories into the body than he/she can actually burn. What happens to the calories which are not burnt? It gets stored in the body as fat. Overtime, if a person does not control this growth of fat in the body by some means then it leads to gaining more and more weight until the person suffers from obesity. One of the biggest worries about obesity is that when a person keeps gaining more and more pounds courtesy to the increase in body fat each and every single day then it becomes much harder to burn the calories and lose the weight.

One of the most common ways of categorizing a person as obese is the Body Mass Index (BMI) or the Quetelet Index. In general, if the body mass index of a person exceeds 30 then the person is said to be obese. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the year 2005-06, it was found that in India, more people in the urban areas were suffering from obesity as compared to the rural areas. Moreover, it was also found that 2.4% of the male population in the urban areas were suffering from obesity and 6.1% of the female population in the urban areas were suffering from obesity. The news is highly alarming as the percentage of the female population is more than twice compared to the percentage of the male population suffering from obesity. Thus, it is high time for all of us to understand obesity and know how dangerous obesity can become.
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