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ICT Teaching and Learning Methods in Pharmacy Education - ICT Tools like ZOOm, Google Meet and Vitual Classes, Learning Management Systems and etc.
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Do You Like Online Classes?

Do You like Online Classes? Let us know your opinion on the online voting pole after reading this post, let us know your views and comments also in the reply section without fail. Register with our portal to participate in this Survey - Click Here to Register

After COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of changes happened in our teaching and learning methods, Use of online tools is increased in recent days to offer remote teaching to the learners.

But, Students are comfortable with online classes? to know that we created this survey, but before that let us have a glance at the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching in Pharmacy Education and in general, after reading that finally say cast your vote on the opinion poll on top.

Advantages of ICT enabled Teaching in General

  • Ne(x)t Generation Learners. ( Internet, Mobile, Computer)
  • Improves self –directed learning. (Flipped Class)
  • It offers flexibility and comfortable learning. (Anytime & Anywhere)
  • Increases the Student-Teacher contact hours. (24/7 Learning & Teaching)
  • Reduces Teachers/Trainers Manual Work Loads. (Automated Assessments)
  • Reduce Educational Expenditures ( Save Tree & Resources)

Disadvantages of ICT enabled Teaching in General

  • Lack of Technical Knowledge
  • Lack of realtime experiential learning
  • Boring or Non-Interactive
  • Lack of Resources ( Computer, Internet and etc)

Hope you voted. Thanks for your paticipation.
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