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How to Find a 24-hour Pharmacy Near Me? Follow these simple steps to find 24 hours community pharmacy near to you when you need medicines in an emergency condition.

By directly searching the keywords like "24-hour Pharmacy near me" on google also you can find pharmacies. Sometimes it fails to locate the right pharmacy near your location, because of location access issues and etc.

Using Google Maps will help you to find the nearby pharmacies accurately with route directions.

1. Install Google Map from the app store/play store or open the following link in your browser -

2. Turn ON your location (Mobile or Laptop) or give location tracking permission to your Google Map Application or Browser.

3. Search the word " Pharmacy or Medical Store" on your google map.

4. You get the list of Pharmacy stores based on your current location as shown in the below image


5. Use the filter option to know the pharmacies located very near to you and it is open for service.


Tips for patients who buy medicines - General

Make sure that you have taken the right prescription before you buy your medicines.

Call the pharmacy which is nearby and ask about the availability of your medicines before you proceed.

You can also enquire about the cost of medicines and home delivery if possible.

Ask the mode of payment, if necessary you take the cash from home and avoid the stress of finding an ATM and making payment.

Try to know the qualification of a Pharmacist - This may help you to get relevant medical advice from them if needed.
Like this article says it is very easy to find out the pharma stores through a google search. Every Best Multispeciality Hospital is holding pharmacy stores along with the hospital and there are lots of pharmacy stores that available everywhere and online also. For example, Kauvery Hospital ( is one of the Best Multispeciality Hospital which also owns a pharma store along with the hospital
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