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By Admin
Hello everyone, Im working as Asst professor in a reputed Pharmacy college in Bangalore. My specialisation is M.Pharm (Pharm.Analysis). Any query related to my subject I would like to have discussion..Here i go my first post..ppt of Column chromatography.
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"Chromatography is the term used to describe a separation technique in which a mobile phase carrying a mixture is caused to move in contact with a selectively absorbent stationary phase."

Respected Madam, I think not the absorbent but it should be adsorbent stationary phase in the first slide of presentation.
There are number of corrections required in the presentation of this column chromatography.
My purpose is not to criticise you but have interaction to improve our knowledge.
Kindly run one column chromatography experiment for B. Pharm practicals. The simple one separatio of plant pigments using column chromatography. You will find number of clues from practical.

I had prepared some of the videos on Chromatography.
Kindly view and provide your feedback to me at : or bellow in comment section in Youtube.
My channel is : ... Sdw/videos.
Video : Introduction to chromatography :

Video: Classification to chromatography:

Video: Introduction to HPTLC:

If you feel it worth, kindly subscribe channel and share with your collegues and students also.
Hope to have interaction related to chromatography.

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