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Best Job for Pharm D Graduates in India?

Clinical Pharmacist
Regulatory Affairs
No votes
Clinical Research
This survey is to find the Best Job for Indian PharmD's in India - Doctor of Pharmacy Professionals. Through this survey we are trying to collect the opinion from the working Pharm D graduates of India to understand scope and opportunities.

We listed few PharmD Job Sectors for your consideration.

1. Pharmacovigilance

2. Clinical Pharmacist

3. Regulatory Affairs

4. Academics

5. Clinical Research

How do you measure the value of the above jobs? The value of job is measured based on level of job satisfaction, salary, opportunity for growth etc.

Let us know your opinion on "Which Job is best for Pharm D graduates in India?" If you are a working PharmD graduate from India. Kindly participate in our survey and cast your vote to help us to find the best PharmD Job in India 2021.

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Thanks in Advance.

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