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What is Pill Box?

Multi alarm pillbox reminders are designed as a medication reminder when medicine is required at various times during the day.

Electronic Pill box reminders can be set to alarm for multiple times during the day to remind patients when its tab time and time to take or administer pills and achieve medication compliance.


Medication Adherence:

Poor medication adherence is one of the major causes of illness and of treatment failure Bedell et. found a 76% discrepancy rate between what medicines patients were prescribed, and what medicines (prescription and non-prescription) they actually took.

Furthermore, clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs necessarily rely on proper medication adherence by study participants to obtain accurate data Thus, accurate assessment of medication adherence is important to patients, caregivers, and researchers.

Existing methods of tracking medication adherence suffer from a number of drawbacks.

Pill Count:

Pill counts, the most commonly used method, overestimate adherence. So does a self - report of adherence.

Medication Event Monitoring System:

Diasadvantages of MEMS

First, the MEMS cap is difficult to open for arthritic hands .

Second, MEMS does not report adherence in real time, so intervention cannot take place if medications are missed.

Third, MEMS does not accommodate the use of pill boxes for sorting medications into daily doses, as are commonly used by the elderly and when multiple drugs are taken.
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