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1. PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Demonstrate competence in the core knowledge, skills, and practices as defined by degree programs and relevant professional licensing and credentialing boards.

2. REASONING AND JUDGMENT: Demonstrate the ability to identify and define problems, critically compare options, make timely decisions or recommendations, identify uncertainties, and use findings to improve outcomes in light of evolving evidence.

3. EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE AND RESEARCH: Demonstrate the ability to access, evaluate, and apply relevant science knowledge to support evidence-based health care, disease prevention, health promotion, and discovery.

4. LIFELONG LEARNING: Demonstrate the ability to recognize gaps in knowledge and experience through informed self-assessment and reflective practices, and take actions to address those gaps.

5. COMMUNICATION: Demonstrate active listening and oral and written communication skills with individuals, communities, and colleagues to ensure effective, culturally appropriate exchange of information.

6. PROFESSIONALISM AND ETHICS: Demonstrate integrity, honesty, knowledge of ethical principles and the standards of professional conduct, and the ability to apply ethical principles in clinical care, research, education, or community service.

7. INTERPROFESSIONAL TEAMWORK: Demonstrate knowledge of team-based professional skills, roles, and responsibilities in order to ensure an environment for safe, efficient, effective, and equitable care and innovative research.

8. SAFETY AND QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Demonstrate the ability to identify situations that compromise safety, and participate in risk reduction and continuous quality improvement.

9. SYSTEMS: Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of evolving health care systems, health and science policy, and resource allocation in order to optimize human health and scientific discovery.

10. PATIENT/CLIENT-CENTERED CARE: Demonstrate the ability to collaborate with individuals, families, and communities to provide quality care that is respectful of and responsive to their preferences, needs, attitudes, beliefs, and values.

11. EDUCATOR: Demonstrate the ability to educate a variety of audiences by determining the most effective and enduring ways to impart information and assess understanding

12. MEDICATION EXPERT: Demonstrate the ability to serve as the medication expert, improving health outcomes for individuals and populations
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