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Patients may find difficulties to locate near by pharmacies when they are out of station and that will leads to medication non-adherence and other issues.

If you are looking for a solution to find the best and nearby pharmacy from your location using Google Map Mobile Application follow these steps,

1. Install Google Map from app store/play store

2. Turn ON your location or give location tracking permission to your Google Map

3. Search using the word " Pharmacy or Medical Store"

4. You get the list of Pharmacy stores based on your location as shown in the below image


5. Use filter option to know the pharmacies located near to you and its open and closing time.


Tips for patients who buy medicines

  • Call the pharmacy which is nearby and ask the availability of your medicines before you proceed. You can also esquire about the cost of medicines and offers.
  • Ask the mode of payment, if necessary you take the cash from home and avoid the stress of finding ATM and making payment.
  • Try to know the qualification of Pharmacist - This may help you to get relevant medical advice from them if needed.

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