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StephanyStephen wrote:
08 Jun 2017, 21:37
swathi wrote:
02 Jun 2017, 17:30
Higher studies after Pharm D depends on the individual interest. Research oriented candidates can go for PhD which will be taking 3-4yrs depending on part-time or full time. Clinical - Pharmacy Practice interested candidates can opt for residency programme (2 years ) on particular specialisation ( cardiology , nephrology or oncology etc).- PharmD + PhD or PharmD + Residency is based on your interest and both are different.
Can you just provide more details about the exact procedures and exams to be cleared for doing a residency after pharmd... How to select a university and which all accreditation to be looked into...
Dear Stephen, As per me there will be an interview with the Respective University and Hospital higher officials for selecting resident candidates . Candidates who have previous experience in hospital services will be getting more chances. If you are planning for aboard university means better you can check their official websites . ACPE accrediation or certified universities will have better standards in training the students.
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Can we do Ph.D after Pharm D ? Kindly read the following AICTE issue

Pharm D qualification was not included in the list of eligibility criteria for admission to Ph.D. in the pharmacy research institutes, known as, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) due to the disapproval of the course by AICTE. So, those who have completed the program have been denied seats for Ph.D. admissions in these institutes.
I am an pharmD student, looking forward to do further studies in US or any other country. I want to know which is better after pharmD MS or PhD. Kindly reply me and if possible let me know the best universities to pursue these courses.
PhD or MS after Pharm.D depends on your carrier path and interest. If you are interested in academics or research go for PhD. If you are interested in doing practice or service related jobs focus on certification program's or any other add on credentials courses next to your Pharm.D

To practice in US you must be a registered pharmacist , check the previous pages of this title to know more.
soumya g k wrote:What is Stem Course?

STEM is an acronym referring to degrees in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM education programs and STEM degrees are a high-priority today, and are necessary if the U.S. wishes to keep its position as world leader in innovation and technology. With only 16 percent of all degrees expected to be in STEM-related fields by 2020.

List of PharmD/ Pharmacy related courses under STEM

Molecular Pharmacology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmaceutics and Drug Design
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Pharmacoeconomics/Pharmaceutical Economics
Industrial and Physical Pharmacy and Cosmetic Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Our Indian Universities not offering any STEM Courses i think but there are some private institutions initiated this STEM concept.
Hello sir,
I am a Permanent Resident of Florida USA and is about to complete my Pharm D program by August 2018. So, as we are talking about higher studies, should we get registered in US ( such a long process) to apply for higher studies?
I am a Permanent Resident of Florida USA and is about to complete my Pharm D program by August 2018 in from Mangalore, Karnataka.As we are talking about higher studies, should we get registered in USA ( which is a long process) to pursue higher studies...Which is the best option for me? Registered Pharmacist or Higher studies?
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