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Pooja Sudarsan wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 22:26 Sir,
Based on your experience as a clinical pharmacist how do you identify ADR's and drug interactions? How do you validate a drug interaction based on its pharmacokinetic profile?
ADRs are identified based on the untoward effect and causality assessment.
Moreover, All good references had already define maximum possible ADRs for a particular drug including those in post marketing surveillance. One can refer to Micromedix or Lexicomp.

Drug interactions are also identified but, are a highly patient specific phenomena which cannot be applied to all patient population receiving such drugs.
Mostly in clinical setting such interactions are not identified purely based on their pharmacokinetic profile but also on patients symptoms and physiological conditions.
For example digoxin and a diuretic may cause arrhythmia in one patient and may not cause the same in another.
All or any drug interaction should only be identified and communicated only when they are clinically significant or altering patients condition.
Resia Varghese wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 22:41 How the medication error system is managed and how is it accepted by other health care professionals?
As far as any healthcare professional is concerned, a medication error (be it from a Doctor or nurse or Pharmacy) is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
Reason that make our profession (Doctors, nursing, paramedics....all people working in healthcare setting) different from other is that we deal with HUMANS, our own people.

Identification and rectification (Corrective and preventive action) is one of the prime duty of a clinical pharmacist.
It does not mean to insult or penalize the person who has committed this error, rather it is to make them understand and make sure this never happens in future , to work more on preventive method (by training) rather than on corrective measures.
Dear all, Its time to close our session. I believe that this group discussion was meaningful and to develop your understanding about the status of clinical pharmacy profession and its importance in India. I sincerely thank our resource person and my friend Dr.Govinda Ajmera for his patience and valuable inputs for the last two days. I thank all the moderators for their support and involvement. I thank all the participants for their critical and interesting questions.

Behalf of PharmD Info - Forum group, I would like to offer 400 BB Points to Dr. Govinda Ajmera., Pharm.D as a complement for his dedication towards motivating and educating the budding pharmacists. To know what is BB Point? Click Here

We will meet you soon again with PharmD Info Forum - Online Group Discussion II - (Title )

Thank you all, Good Night
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