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Its an open group online platform for Indian Clinical and Academic Preceptors to discuss various pharmacy practice related topics and to understand precepting methods to train the Doctor of Pharmacy and other Pharmacy Practice Students. Eg: Preceptor Guidelines, Pharmaceutical Care Activities and Monitoring, Clinical Pharmacy Activity forms.
The One Minute Preceptor approach allows the preceptor to take full advantage of the entire encounter in order to maximize the time available for teaching. The teaching encounter will still take longer than a minute but the time spent is more efficiently used and the teaching effectiveness is optimized

The following steps should be followed by the preceptor during the discussions with learners.

STEP 1. Get a commitment


What do you think is going on with this patient?
What investigations do you feel are indicated?
What do you think needs to be accomplished on this visit?

STEP 2. Probe for supporting evidence


What are the major findings that lead to your conclusion?
What else did you consider?
What made you choose that particular treatment

STEP 3. Teach general rules

Keep it brief and focused on identified issues
Avoid anecdotes and idiosyncratic preferences

STEP 4. Reinforce what was done right

Be specific

STEP 5. Correct errors

Consider appropriate time and place
Start with learner self-evaluation
Be specific
Consider language – “not best” rather than “bad”

To know more check the below video:

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