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The global database of adverse drug reactions, including those caused by vaccines, biologicals, and herbal medications used for treating humans. The data is organized by WHO Drug and MedDRA and updated continually with reports given by participants in the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring to enable prompt detection of possible safety problems.


Provides instant demographic overviews, case series, line listings, case details, and disproportionality measures that may be further studied online or exported for additional research, allowing for the study of VigiBase. Structured data makes it simple to aggregate and quickly drill down by factors like response, age group, and nation. Members of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring have access to VigiLyze.


Supports the gathering, processing, and dissemination of reports at the national level with key stakeholders.
To aid successful analysis, data is organised using WHODrug and MedDRA codes. It is available to WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring member nations, although it is not a prerequisite for reporting to VigiBase. Because no offline functionality is provided, an internet connection is necessary.


Gives a score for the quantity of clinically pertinent data that is present on individual case safety reports in an organised way.


An automatic duplication detection system. Uses probabilistic pattern matching to find suspiciously similar pairs of individual case safety reports.


A statistical technique for pharmacovigilance signal detection. Use a predictive algorithm to prioritise possible safety alerts in VigiBase according to general reporting trends as well as the standard and content of individual reports.
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