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B Pharm Ist Sem Notes - HAP, Pharmaceutical Analysis,Pharmaceutics I, Inorganic Chemistry, Communication Skills, Remedial Biology|Mathematics.
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Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology I Study Notes- human body,Skeletal and Muscular System, Communicable Disease, Sense Organs, Family Planning, First aid, MTP and etc.
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Communicable diseases - Unit V
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Pharmaceutical Analysis I
Pharmaceutical Analysis I Study Notes- Conductometry, Potentiometry and Polarography, Precipitation, Complexometric, Redox Titrations, Acid Base and Nonaqueous Titration
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Conductometry, Potentiometry …
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Pharmaceutics I
Pharmaceutics I Study Notes - Size Reduction and Mixing,Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, Posolgy, Additives and Prescription, History of Pharmacopeia.
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Size Reduction and Mixing - U…
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Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
POC Study Notes- Radiopharmaceuticals,Expectorants, Acid Base Buffers, Gastrointestinal Agents, Antimicrobials, Impurities and limit test and etc.
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Radiopharmaceuticals - Unit V
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Communication skills
Communication skills B Pharm Notes- Barriers, Perspectives, Elements of Communication, Basic Listening Skills, Interview Skills, Effective Written Communication
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Remedial Biology|Mathematics
Remedial Biology|Mathematics- Living world, Morphology of Flowering plants, Body fluids and circulation, Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and respiration etc
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Measures of Central Value - U…
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