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Pharma Clinic practice model framed by CLINICAL PHARMACY COUNCIL within certain provisions of PPR-2015 of Pharmacy Act 1948 framed by PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA.

Its a clinical setup outside the hospitals , where qualified registered Pharmacists provides their professional services on individual consultation of patients. within /along with Pharma Clinic Pharmacists also facilitate Drug Dispensing services by getting a Retail Drug license from local drugs regulatory authority.

Practice Pharmacy in your Own Clinical setup on individual patients consultations , collect fees fro professional services. Use sign board with your names and qualifications on the board.

These are all lawful as per Pharmacy Practice Regulations -2015 (PPR-2015) of Pharmacy Act 1948 framed by Pharmacy Council of India.

Now, Pharmacists also can practice as like doctors within their own clinical setups on patients consultations.

As per Sec 2 (I) (II) (III) of Chapter 2 of PPR-2015 A registered pharmacist is eligible to practice pharmacy, pharmacy practice means not only Compound, Labelling and Dispensing of Drugs. Pharmacists also provide the following professional services

- Participation in Drug & Device selection - Administration of Drugs through different routes of administration i.e IM , IV, IVF, SC , PO etc. . . - Drug Regimen Reviews - Drug Research - Patient Counselling - Pharmaceutical Care in all specialties like cardiology, Dermatology , Oncology, etc. . . including Primary Care

Pharmaceutical Care is a bunch of 1000's professional services of Pharmacy Practices , for detailed services prescribed by PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA refer Appendix III of PPR-2015 of Pharmacy Act 1948. F As per Sec 2 (g) of PPR-2015 Pharmaceutical Care means - along with patients care a pharmacist can prevent disease or and eliminate disease or and reduction of symptoms ( symptomatic treatment to all uncomplicated diseases ) arresting or slowing of disease process.

As per Sec 2 (h) (iv) of PPR-2015 Clinical Pharmacists may provide care in all health care settings ( Community Pharmacy /Hospitals / Clinics / Nursing Homes / Own Health care or Clinical setups like PHARMA CLINICS .

As per sec 3.3 (b) of Chapter 1 of PPR-2015 A registered pharmacist may display his/her name on sign board along with educational qualifications and PCI registration number.

As per Sec 3.3 (c) of Chapter 2 of PPR -2015 A Registered Pharmacist may use /display suffix any professional degrees , certifications , memberships and honors

CPC registered pharmacists may prefix RCPH and etc. . . specialty certification to their names on sign boards of practice areas or setups.

As per Sec 6.5 of Chapter 2 of PPR-2015 A registered pharmacist may charge / collect fees for their professional services on individual consultations.

As per Sec 11.2 of Chapter 6 of PPR-2015 A registered pharmacist may participate him/herself in public health programs , responsible for prevention and care of epedimic & communicable diseases

As per Sec 13 (s) of PPR-2015 of Pharmacy Act 1948 A registered pharmacist should not claim himself/herself as a specialist. means may claimed on certification of any professional organization in certain specialty .

CPC certified specialist registered pharmacists may prefix these specialty certifications to their names on sign board of any professional practice premises ( including PHARMA CLINIC setup)

Not need to get any approval / permission / NOC from any CMO or DM& HO to establish any setup of Pharmacy Practice ( including PHARMA CLINIC ), But Only for retail sale of drugs you required to get license from local drugs regulatory authority.

If the act ( CLINICAL ESTABLISHMENTS Act 2010 ( Regulations & Registrations ) applicable to pharmacy establishments in any state - the state belonging regd pharmacists may required to register the pharmacy establishment (pharma clinic) under this act with concerned district authority.

For more details visit :
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