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Calculating Pharmacoeconomics HALYs DALYs QALYs using Different Formulas

Health-adjusted life years (HALYs) are population health measures permitting morbidity and mortality to be simultaneously described within a single number. They are useful for overall estimates of burden of disease, comparisons of the relative impact of specific illnesses and conditions on communities, and in economic analyses.


YERF=Year Equivalents of life lost due to Reduced Functioning

Calculating YERF== I * (1-P) * D

where I = incident cases
P = preference score
D = average duration

YLL = N x L, where N = number of deaths due to condition, L = standard life expectancy at age of death (expectancy - age at death)

Quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) are types of HALYs whose original purposes were at variance.


Y= Life expectancy of individual for Chronic Disease or Duration of Intervention for acute disease.

Q= Q Weight Scaled from Q=0 to Q=1.0 ( Full Health)


YLD = I x DW x L In this formula I = number of incident cases in the population, DW = disability weight of specific condition, and L = average duration of the case until remission or death (years).

YLL = N x L, where N = number of deaths due to condition, L = standard life expectancy at age of death (expectancy - age at death)

Related Abbreviations:

Health Adjusted Life Expectancy (HALE)
Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy (DALE)
Disability Free Life Expectancy (DFLE)
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