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“Two or more drugs administered at the same time or in close sequence may act independently,interact to increase or decrease the intended/unintended effect of one or both drugs, or may cause a new and unexpected reaction”

1. Drug – Food interaction : Cheese & MAOI’s
2. Drug – Beverage interactions : Alcohol & Metronidazle.
3. Drug – Lab Test interactions : I-DOPA & Uric acid.
4. Drug – Infusion fluid interaction : Ampicillin & Glucose.
5. Drug – Disease interaction : Digoxin & Heart failure.
6. Drug – Host interactions : Barbiturates & Age.
7. Drug – Parasite interaction : Phenothiazines & Photoallergy.
8. Drug – Echochemical interaction : DDT & Enzyme induction.

Hansten’s Categories of interactions :

1. Pharmacokinetic / ADME Type.
2. Pharmacodynamic Type.
3. Miscellaneous.

Arien’s Categories of interaction Phases :

1.Pharmaceutical phase : Polar / Nonpolar, Lipophilic / Hydrophilic, Cation/anion/Nonion. Acid-Base/pH

2.Pharmacokinetic phase : Absorption /Distribution/Protein or Tissue binding / Metabolism/ Enzyme induction/inhibition / Elimination/excretion.

3. Pharmacodynamic phase : Additive / synergistic/ Antagonistic.
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