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The prime objective of rotations is to provide experiential learning to the interns giving them an opportunity to refine their patient care and pharmacy practice skills in a variety of clinical situations. Internship consists of succeeding rotations that prepare an intern for providing pharmaceutical care more independently and with desired competencies.

After completion of rotation the intern is expected to.

1. Demonstrate knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy of the most common disease states seen in patients in the practice setting.

2. Knowledge of rational use of drugs and interpretation of laboratory investigations to aid in drug therapy decision- making.

3. Demonstrate ability to retrieve and integrate patient data along with prioritizing patient problems and design suitable pharmacotherapeutic regimens for the patients.

4. Demonstrate skills needed to identify, analyze and resolve drug related problems. This includes the ability to assess current therapy and compliance along with detection and management of drug related problems.

5. Monitor patient’s drug therapy using patient-specific, drug-specific and disease specific parameters at appropriate intervals and frequencies.

6. Provide concise, relevant and timely responses to requests for drug information from patients care, and health care professionals using appropriate literature/reference searches and reviews.

7. Demonstrate the skills needed for patient counseling according to priority of cases.

8. Demonstrate acceptable communication techniques with patients, healthcare professionals and other personnel in the hospital setting.

9. Document pharmaceutical care activities appropriately.

10. Display appropriate professional attitudes, habits, values and behavior.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Listed below are the objectives that are specific to respective departments/specialties during internship is required to demonstrate knowledge and skills mentioned under individual department/ specialty in addition to the general learning outcomes mentioned above.

Interns are required to enhance the learning process by regular discussions with preceptor during respective rotations.

A minimum of TWO patient cases per week must be discussed with the preceptor and the therapeutic plan recorded in the Pharmacotherapeutic Plan format provided in the internship log book.

a) Demonstrate knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy of the most common disease states seen in OBG wards. This includes but not limited to: Fibroid uterus, uv prolapse, ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy.

b) Monitor the safety of drugs in pregnant and lactating women.

c) Assist the gynaecologist in rational selection of drugs for management of various ailments during pregnancy.
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