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A medication history is a detailed, accurate and complete account of all prescribed and non-prescribed medications that a patient had taken or is currently taking prior to a newly initiated institutionalized or ambulatory care. It provides valuable insights into patients’ allergic tendencies, adherence to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, social drug use and probable self-medication with complementary and alternative medicines.


+ To improve the Communication Skills and Interpersonal Behavior of the students.
+ To make the students to learn about the importance of Medication History Interview.
+ To make the students to learn the steps involved in conducting Medication History Interview.


Medication histories are important in preventing prescription errors and consequent risks to patients.

Apart from preventing prescription errors, accurate medication histories are also useful in detecting drug-related pathology or changes in clinical signs that may be the result of drug therapy.

A good medication history should encompass all currently and recently prescribed drugs, previous adverse drug reactions including hypersensitivity reactions, any over-the counter medications, including herbal or alternative medicines, and adherence to therapy for the better health care plan.

• A full medication history
• Identifies patients’ needs
• Explores the patient’s perspective of illness and its treatment (needs and concerns Information sources:
• Patient
• Family or Caregiver
• Medication Vials
• Medication List
• Community Pharmacy
• Medication Profile from other facility


Steps Involved In the Medication History Interview


The following information should be obtained from the patients when conducting Medication History Interview

Obtaining basic demographic details about patients
Disease condition

Discuss patient’s health history

Past medical history
Risk factors
Social history
Family history

Discuss all prescription medication by disease state

Present medication history
Past medical history
Any allergies, if any

Discuss all nonprescription drugs by all drug category


Social/lifestyle issues

Veg/non veg
Alcohol consumption
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