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Schedule U & U1

► Gives the particulars to be shown in manufacturing records.

► Gives the particulars to be recorded of raw materials.

► Gives the particulars to be recorded in analytical records.

► The records or registers shall be retained for a period of5 years for Drugs & 3 years for
Cosmetics from the date of manufacture.

Schedule V

► Give details of standards for patent and proprietary medicines

Schedule W

Inserted as per G.0.I. Notificiation No. GSR 27(E) dt 17.1.1981 and deleted as per G.0.1. Notification No. GSR 94(E) dt 8.2.2000.

► Gives the name of the drugs which shall be marketed under generic names only.

► Its label contain the Names and quantities of active ingredients.

► This includes only five drugs that shall be marketed under generic names only:

1. Analgin
2. Aspirin and its salt
3. Chlorpromazine and its salt
4. Ferrous sulfate
5. Piperazine and its salts
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