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Pharmacists can benefit greatly from using mobile applications to improve their workflow and provide better care to patients. Here are some of the most useful mobile applications for pharmacists based on the provided web search results:

Epocrates: This highly rated free medical app provides prescription drug and safety information, runs drug-drug interactions, scans health care insurance formularies for medication coverage, and calculates body mass index. It also identifies medications by physical characteristics or imprint.

iPharmacy: This app is a detailed drug reference, pill reminder, pill identifier, price checker and saver, and many more. It provides exhaustive information on thousands of different medications. It can benefit pharmacists, other medical providers, as well as patients.

HealthClips Rx: This app allows pharmacists to enhance patient understanding by sending them health care education videos. The app includes over 400 videos covering general wellness, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pulmonology, and other key areas designed to encourage patients to take an active role in their health.

RxSaver: This app helps users find medicines at the best prices, and it primarily focuses on finding maximum discounts related to medicines. It is a good choice for those who need cheap prescriptions.

Merck Manual: This free app provides comprehensive information on medical topics, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for medical professionals and students. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Google Translate: This app can be a must-have for pharmacists who need to communicate with patients in more than 100 different languages. No internet connection is necessary for translating more than 50 languages.

PillPack: This app is a digital pharmacy that was acquired by Amazon in June 2018. It provides personalized packaging and home delivery of medications, as well as easy prescription management.

Mobile health solutions: These apps serve pharmacies well by serving patients well. They can help reduce friction in the pharmacy workflow, so pharmacists can provide quality care to every patient. They also create new opportunities to attract new business.

Overall, mobile applications can be highly beneficial for pharmacists in improving their workflow and providing better care to patients. From drug reference, pill reminders, to prescription management and education, there are numerous apps available to assist pharmacists in many important tasks.
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