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Today Medical Representatives (#MR) day was celebrated. Here are the 10 ways Medical representatives are doing an immense service to our society. Time to salute them.

1. Providing information about the composition of different medicines available in the market to doctors.

2. Providing information about new medicines or new combinations.

3. Updating doctors about fresh research or new indications of a medicine.

4. Make available different types of medicines as advised by doctors.

5. Give samples of medicines to doctors for checking the quality of the medicines.

6. Take feedback about the medicines from the doctor to the makers of the medicine.

7. Make medicines available for poor people and free camps on the request of doctors.

8. Make available the literature about the new molecules and new researches.

9. Provide employment to thousands and sustenance to thousands of the families.

10. Set an example of hardwork and discipline to the society.

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