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In India, various pharmacy management software's are available with different features and prices. In this article, we detailed various aspects of community pharmacy software and How to select best community pharmacy billing software?

Why you need pharmacy inventory and business management software?

Pharmacy management software's helps you provide fast, professional and courteous services to your customers. Also, help you stay in better control of your stock. These technological tools efficiently handles the expiry dates, takes care of the prescription according to the law, measures the discounted prices and does much more.

Here we listed the major features of pharmacy software's for your reference,

Offline or Online ( Cloud Base) Pharmacy Software's

Online pharmacy management software helps to accept payments through various payment methods (POS System), including money, credit and debit cards, mobile wallet payments, and other online payment methods. This makes the payment system quick and easy for the owner of the shop. Additionally, You can develop your business leads with patients and doctors through mobile applications and other online mode.

Invoicing / Billing / Accounting

In this section there are some features to be considered before you buy,

Inventory management , e.g - Stock and Expiry management of medicines.

GST enabled invoicing & billing, e.g - You can generate GSTR1, GSTR2 and GSTR3B reports

Bar code scanning, e.g - Reduce work load and improve billing time.

Auto-Bank Reconciliation, e.g - Online Transactions

Record Management, e.g - Cloud base data management helps to overcome data lose.

Business Intelligence & MIS Graphical Analytical Reports, e.g - Predictive Analytics, Trending Sales

Patient Record Management, e.g - Patient Medical History, Patient Notes and etc.

The above listed features may or may not be required for your pharmacy, the need of additional features depends on your business size, workflow and its related scopes.

The list of Top 10 Pharmacy Management Softwares

1- BestRx Pharmacy Software

2- Liberty Pharmacy Management Software

3- PDX Pharmacy System

4- Chetu Pharmacy Management System

5- SuiteRx

6- CoverMyMeds

7- VIP Pharmacy Management System

8- Output Books

9- HDPOS Stock Management

10- Rx30 Pharmacy Software
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