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Nikshay Aushadhi is an Integrated ICT system for TB patient management and care in India. Consolidating various improvements since 2012,

Version 2 makes the following updates:

1.Unified interface for public and private sector health care providers

2.Integrates all adherence technologies such as 99DOTS and MERM

3.Unified DSTB and DRTB data entry forms

4.PHI level users

5.Mobile friendly website with mobile app

Nikshay 2 is accessible either via web browser ( ) or mobile App that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.The Home page is loaded with many features to enable easier access and use,

1. Patient search facility and dashboard displaying patient status wise summary

2. One can select the year to view the data info-graphics

3. Training Materials for Nikshay Aushadhi

Find the Nikshay Aushadhi Version 2.0 - User Manual of DVDMS:TB ( Section Wise)

1. Purchase Request Generation Desk , Quantification process
(1.33 MiB) Downloaded 7 times

2. Drug Inventory or Stock Management

3. Procedure for Drug Transfer Advice (DTA), Issue Voucher DTA, DTA Receipt
(1.2 MiB) Downloaded 5 times

4. Drug Request Management (Quarterly/Monthly/ADR Request)
(954.7 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

5. Issue to Patient and Return from Patient
(4.74 MiB) Downloaded 8 times

6. Breakage/Lost Item Details
(323.92 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

7. Packaging and Repackaging Guidelines

8. Quality Control Management
(388.32 KiB) Downloaded 6 times

9. Receive and Acknowledge
(1.49 MiB) Downloaded 7 times

10. DVDMS TB Application Procedure : Nikshay Aushadhi
(682.77 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

11. Issue Dispatch Process
(1.41 MiB) Downloaded 5 times
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