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The drug controller has asked all states and territories of the union to stop the online sales of medicines until rules are finalized to regulate the sector. For almost 50 startups, including Netmeds, 1 mg, and PharmEasy, the move is a setback.

A group of ministers (GoM) headed by the defense minister is still under consideration for the proposed regulation on the online sale of medicines.

Unless the regulations are approved and informed by the Ministry of Health, there is no provision under the drug law for a license to be granted by the drug regulator or state authorities to allow e-pharmacies to operate.

At present in India has made a draft rule for the sales of e pharmacy - Click Here

The controller cited the Delhi High Court's order last year, calling for a ban on e-pharmacies as they operated without a license. But the e-pharmacies secured a Madras High Court stay order and resumed sales.
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