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The Janta Curfew will be in place for 14 hours - from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22nd March 2020. The Prime Minister asked people to stay off the roads and public places during this period. however, essential services like police, media, medical services etc will not come under the purview of the curfew.

On Sunday, All the citizens of India should stay in your house and dont come out till 7 AM to PM. All the Transports Modes like Train, Bus, and etc will remain closed on that day.

Why JANTA Curfew is Important?

1 corona infected patient can transmit the virus to on average 2.6 person in 5 to 6 days- STAGE 1 also called as R Naught.

1800 person in 10 days - STAGE 2 also called as 10th generation transmission.

3500 person in 15 days- STAGE 3 called as community Infection.

On dated 20/3/2020 till evening 252 cases reported in India. As per experts Dr.Anthony Fauci from US it's stage 1 in India.

If we didn't controlled the situation, condition will be more worsen than China and Italy. The numbers are really shocking if we have to face 10 generation transmissions (Stage 2) 4.5 lakhs patients.

If reached to community Infection (Stage 3) the numbers will be 8.8 lakhs.

So I request to all of you reading this message to stay at home, don't go outside if not necessary. Stay Safe. Let's fight against #covid19

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