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Details of how you can apply for registration for the first time in Ireland with the PSI. There are different routes of registration for pharmacists depending on where a person has graduated and trained as a pharmacist.

How to apply for registration

You must first apply for qualification recognition. If this is granted by the PSI, the Third Country Route Application Form should be completed and returned with supporting documents to the Registration and Qualification Recognition Unit, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, PSI House, 15-19 Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 TD72.

Please read the instructions within the application booklet carefully to ensure your application can be processed in a timely manner.

Please contact the Registration Unit by email or phone (+353) (0)1 2184000 with any queries you may have.

Non EU Trained Pharmacists

Recognition of Third Country Pharmacist Qualification as a Qualification Appropriate for Practice in Ireland (TCQR Process)

A person holding a pharmacist qualification from a country outside of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) regardless of their nationality, are required to first apply to the PSI for qualification recognition.

Please be aware that a 5 year bachelor degree program is the minimum requirement of education and training in order to apply for registration with the PSI. In order to be eligible to apply for registration with the PSI as a non-EU/EEA trained pharmacist, the 5 year course must comprise of at least one of the following.

1. 4 years academic + 1 year practical training

2. 4 ½ years academic + 6 months practical training

In order for the PSI to determine whether a person with a Third Country qualification holds a qualification appropriate for practice in Ireland, a four stage process is in place, known as the “Recognition of a Third Country qualification as a qualification appropriate for practice in Ireland”.

Please contact the Registration Unit by email or phone (+353) (0)1 2184000 with any queries you may have.

Stages of the Recognition Process

There are four stages involved in the recognition process.

Stage 1

To make a valid application for recognition of your qualification as a pharmacist from a Third Country, you are required to:

1. Complete the application form (Refer doc.1)

2. Complete the certificate of identity form (Refer doc.2)

3. Complete the statutory declaration form (Refer doc.3)

4. Provide all relevant supporting documentation (Refer doc.4)

5. Pay a non-refundable fee of €1,500.00.

Stage 2

If your qualification recognition has been successful you will then need to sit an equivalence exam.

Stage 3

This stage consists of an adaptation period to ensure that applicants gain the competencies required to practise safely as an independent and professional pharmacist and gain the knowledge and skills required to exercise the independent legal, professional and ethical responsibilities of a pharmacist in Ireland. A minimum period of at least 6 months and up to a maximum of 3 three years training may be required to be undertaken.

Stage 4

Applicants who successfully complete the adaptation period are then eligible to undertake the PSI Professional Registration Examination (PRE). This exam will finally assess and confirm that you possess the knowledge, skills and competencies appropriate for practice as a pharmacist in Ireland.

The all relevant supporting documentation will give the applicant an overview of the process involved in the Third Country Qualification Recognition procedure, and should be read in full if applying for qualification recognition.


There are two separate costs applicable to this route of access;

• Application fee of €1,500 for qualification recognition, and

• Standard fee of €540 for first time registration.

Language Competence Requirements


The PSI Council accept the following criteria as being satisfactory to assure language competence:

1) Training to become a qualified pharmacist has been carried out in a country that has English or Irish recognised as an official language of that country.


2) The applicant has lived, and practiced as a registered pharmacist for three out of the preceeding five years in a country that has English or Irish recognised as an official language.


3) A certificate issued by an internationally recognised body or authority, recognised by the PSI Council, attesting that the holder has attained a standard of competence in the English language.

The PSI Council has approved language standards that must be met by an applicant in completing one of the recognised international language tests – an applicant may choose which of these tests s/he wishes to undertake. The Council at its meeting on 7 December 2017 affirmed the following tests and scores as acceptable for this purpose.

The test must have been undertaken no more than two years prior to the date of submission or the applicant must provide evidence of having resided and worked/studied on a full time basis in an English speaking environment** since having completed the evaluation.

Applicants must arrange to have the Test Report Form, in respect of the IELTS or TOEFL, sent directly to the PSI by the test centre where the applicant undertook the evaluation.
Equivalence Examination (Refer doc.5,6,7)

Stage 2 of the “Recognition of a Third Country qualification as a qualification appropriate for practice in Ireland" (TCQR process)

Applicants who have successfully completed Stage 1 of the TCQR process are eligible to apply to sit an Equivalence Exam. Applicants must first be in receipt of a Confirmation of Eligibility letter from the PSI to be eligible to apply to sit the exam.

The Equivalence Exam includes an exam and OSCE assessment designed to assist the Council in assessing the standard of training, education, examination and qualification of applicants so as to determine whether an applicant holds a qualification which is of a standard not lower than the standard necessary for practice in Ireland.

There are two scheduled sittings of the Equivalence Exam in each calendar year. Information on the 2019 dates will be available in due course.

Preparing for the equivalence examination

- Syllabus for the Equivalence Exams (sample questions included)
- Suggested reading materials
- Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) information

Professional Registration Exam (Refer doc.8,9) The Professional Registration Examination (PRE) is held twice annually. A person is eligible to apply to sit the PRE under two circumstances:

- After successful completion of the in-service practical training by a pharmacy intern, (or)
- After successful completion of the Third Country Qualification Recognition process.

Sittings of the Professional Registration Examination

The PRE takes place in May and October each year.

For students who completed their training in 2015 and are sitting the PRE for the first time, the following documentation should be read, prior to sitting the PRE:

The examination procedures and standards for the October 2017 and May 2018 sittings of the Professional Registration Examination (PRE).

Marks and Standards 2017-2018.

The following syllabus is for the October 2018 and May 2019 sittings of the PRE:

Curriculum overview of the National Pharmacy Internship Programme 2017-2019

For students who completed their training in 2014 or prior to 2014, the following document should be read prior to sitting the PRE:

The examination procedures and standards document to be achieved in the October 2015 and May 2016 sittings of the PRE
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