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Pharmacist License depends on place in UAE you want to work, according to the place the procedure may differ,

  • HAAD license will only allow you to work in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.
  • MOH license gives you the right to practice in other emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and others but not in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
  • DHA license along with MOH for working in Dubai (The good thing about Dubai (DHA exam) doesnt need arabic exam)

Health care in UAE is divided into three main sectors

  • Ministry of Health (MOH) – the federal department
  • Health Authority Abu Dhabi (for Abu Dhabi) HAAD
  • Dubai Health Authority (Dubai) DHA

Pursuant to article No. (2) of the federal law No. (4) of 1983 regarding the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical establishments, he who applies to the pharmacist profession exam should fulfill the following conditions;

  • Having the basic pharmacy certificate from a recognized higher institute or university.
  • He has practiced this profession for a period not less than two years after holding the basic certificate, UAE nationals are exempted from this condition.
  • He should not be convicted for a crime related to honor or honesty unless he is cleared or pardoned by the competent authorities.
  • Fluent in Arabic(Not applicable in dubai DOH license) and English languages (reading and writing).
  • Passing the scientific pharmacy test and pharmacy Law exam held by the ministry

Register as a Pharmacist in UAE (United Arab Emirates) :

Arabic Exam (For Non Arabic speaking candidates Pharmacists and Technicians ) : Not Applicable for Dubai (DOH exam). But applicable for MOH and HAAD exams.

Fluency in Arabic is required for anyone receiving a license to practice pharmacy in UAE. The Arabic language exam is for non- Arabic speaking candidates, it ensures that licensed pharmacist or technician is fluent enough and having the basic communication skills to deal with Arabic customers in UAE.

The first stage of full pharmacy licensure examinations is Arabic Exam which is a paper based written exam of 2 parts:

1. First part : Translation Arabic- English medical terminology and counseling instructions sentences

2. Second part : Translation English- Arabic of medical terminology and counseling instructions, sentences.

  • Exam lasts for 1 hour only.
  • Arabic Exam is mandatory for both pharmacists and technicians.
  • Only 3 attempts of exams are allowed to pass.
  • After passing the exam , then candidate may apply to pharmacy Exam.

The Pharmacy Exam :

- Second stage of pharmacy licensure examination is The Pharmacy exam which is a paper- computer adaptive examination that consists of 100 multiple-choice test questions (MCQ).

- Types of Questions will be on different pharmacy areas ; clinical , pharmacology , therapeutics , pharmaceutics , pharmacy –calculations; over the counter medicines , patient counseling , case studies,..etc.

- The language of exam will be in English only

- Exam lasts for 2 hour only

- Only 3 attempts of exams are allowed to pass.

- Pharmacy exam is of 2 types for pharmacists and for pharmacists- technicians

- Candidate are requested to bring his or her calculator to exam ;mobile or cell phones are prohibited to be used for calculation purpose.

UAE Pharmacy Regulation Exam

After passing the Pharmacy exam , the candidate may apply to final exam of Pharmacy Law , Code of Conduct and Good Pharmacy Practice for UAE which is the last stage of Pharmacy licensure examination .

UAE Pharmacy regulation Exam which is paper- computer adaptive examination consist of 40 multiple-choice test questions (MCQ) On :

1. UAE Federal Pharmacy Law No 4 for 1983.

2. UAE code of conduct for professional pharmacists and assistants.

3. Guidelines and minimum standards for Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) in UAE Pharmacies and General regulations to practice pharmacy in UAE.

• Materials of article 3a ,3b and 3c are available on website of Drug Control Department

• Exam lasts for 1 hour only.

• Only 3 attempts of exams to pass.

• Language of exam will be in Arabic for Arabic speaking candidates and English for non- Arabic speaking candidates.

• This exam is compulsory for both Pharmacists and Pharmacist technicians.

Retaking Examination

• If the candidate failed to pass Pharmacy exam or UAE regulation exams after 2 attempts, , he or she must appeal to the Drug Control Department 12 months from the date of the second examination for applying to the last chance to be examined.

• If the candidate failed to pass Arabic after 2 attempts, , he or she must appeal to the Drug Control Department 12 months from the date of the second examination for applying to the last chance to be examined after presenting a certificate of passing Arabic courses in recognized Arabic language institutes in by the Ministry of Education in UAE.

• It is the candidate responsibility to understand and comply with the regulations. Please call the Private Control Pharmacy Section – Drug Control Department if you have any questions.

Applicant ( pharmacist or Technicians ) requirements:

1. Copy or list of passing Arabic , Pharmacy and UAE Pharmacy regulation Exams for pharmacists and technicians.

2. Fill application of Pharmacies or technician license form (Dhs 10 paid by e-dirham).

3. Authenticated copy of Bachelor degree certificate (minimum 4 years for pharmacist or Diploma degree certificate ( minimum 2 years ) for pharmacy ‘technicians (certificates of degree should be attested from the competent authority of country of graduation and UAE Ministry of foreign affairs).

4. Mark sheet for applicant

5. Copy of testimonial and work experience letters, which should state date of starting of employment after graduation, date of leaving and post held.

6. Work experience should be attested from the competent authority of country of graduation and UAE Ministry of foreign affairs).

7. Applicant must submit the last 2 years experience before date of applying to UAE Pharmacy License.

Useful websites for the pharmacist license in the UAE?
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