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Y site IV Infusion:

In intravenous therapy, a Y-Set, T-Set and V-Sets are Y, T and V shaped three-way connector sets made of connecting plastic tubes used for delivering intravenous drugs into the body from multiple fluid sources.

As Y-Sets are the most common shaped sets, Y-Set is a name that is sometimes used to represent the family of connector sets (sometimes called Y-tubes).

The majority of these infusion sets have a left- and right-hand line that deliver fluid and drugs (often via a valve) to a short common limb attached to the female fitting on the intravenous cannula.

Piggyback IV Infusion:

An IV piggyback is a very small bag of IV fluids that is piggybacked or attached into an existing IV line.

In most cases, the piggyback medication is an antibiotic, although steroids or minerals may also be administered this way.

These small IV bags containing 50 to 150 cc (or ml) of fluid are attached to a length of clear, plastic intravenous tubing known as secondary tubing to differentiate it from the primary tubing of the established IV line.

The terminal end of the secondary tubing is then attached to the primary IV tubing at a port in proximity to the IV cannula insertion site.

Medical advantages of using an IV piggyback include nursing care and maintenance of only one IV sites as opposed to two or more and decreased risk of infection or complication with a single, as opposed to multiple, intravenous sites.

Difference Y Site and Piggyback

With a Y site, both drugs are infusing at the same time.

With a piggyback, the primary drip stops while the secondary drug infuses, then resumes again when the secondary is finished, so even though there may be some mixing at the beginning and end of the secondary, they infuse mostly separately.
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