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It's very important to know the various resources that come under Micromedex. We categorized all the features and resources of Micromedex to know and improve your understandings about this software and its related applications.

Resources Available in MICROMEDEX

1.Calculators (and other clinically relevant lists)

2.CareNotes (Patient Education)

3.DISEASEDEX Emergency Medicine (Disease Information)

4.DISEASEDEX General Medicine (Disease Information)

5.DRUGDEX Evaluations (Drug Information)

6.DRUGDEX Consults (Drug Information)

7.DRUGREAX (Interactions)

8.IDENTIDEX (Drug Identification)

9.IV Index (Trissels 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database)

10.Lab Advisor (Lab Information)

11.Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

12.NeoFax (Dosage reference for all who work in neonatal units)

13.PDR ( Physician Desk Reference)

14.POISINDEX Management (Poisoning and Toxicology)

15.REPRORISK (Pregnancy and Lactation)

16.REPROTOX (An information system developed by the Reproductive Toxicology Center )

17.REPROTEXT (Reproductive Hazard Reference Database)

18.Shepard’s Catalog (Contains up to date information on teratogenic agents)

19.TERIS (Teratogenic Information System)

20.Trissel's IV-Chek (A tool that verifies the compatibility and stability of parenteral medications)

Additionally, we have enclosed Micromedex user guidelines to develop your understanding.
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