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Schedule G

Most of these drugs are hormonal preparations. It prescribes a list of drugs which are required to be taken only under the supervision of a Registered Medical Practitioner. It is labelled with direction: ‘Schedule G Drug’ Caution: “It is dangerous to take this preparation except under the supervision of Registered Medical Practitioner”. These drugs have high potential for abuse and risk of developing addiction.

List of Schedule G Drugs

1. Aminopterin
2. L-Asparaginase
3. Bleomycin
4. Busulphan; its salts
5. Carbutamide
6. Chlorambucil;its salts
7. Chlorothiazide and other derivatives of 1, 2, 4 benzothiadiazine
8. Chlorpropamide; its salts
9. Chlorthalidone and other derivatives of Chlorobenzene compound.
10. Cis-Platin
11. Cyclophosphamide; its salts
12. Cytarabine
13. Daunorubicin
14. Di-Isopropyl Eluorophosphate
15. Disodium Stilboestrol Diphosphate
16. Doxorubicin Hydrochloride
17. Ethacrynic Acid, its salts
18. Ethosuximide
19. Glibenclamide
20. Hydantoin; its salts; its derivatives, their salts
21. Hydroxyurea
22. Insulin, all types
23. Lomustine Hydrochloride
24. Mannomustine; its salts
25. Mercaptopurine; its salts
26. Metformin; its salts
27. Methsuximide
28. Mustine, its salts
29. Paramethadione
30. Phenacemide
31. Phenformin; its salts
32. 5-Phenylhydantoin; its alkyl and aryl derivatives; its salts
33. Primadone
34. Procarpazine Hydrochloride
35. Quinthazone
36. Sarcolysine
37. Sodium-2-Mercaptoethanesulfonate Tamoxiten Citrate
38. Testolactone
39. Thiotepa
40. Tolbutamide
41. Tretamine; its salts
42. Troxidone
43. Antihistaminic substances the following, their salts, their derivatives, salts of their derivatives
44. Antazoline
45. Bromodiphenhydramine
46. Buclizine
47. Chlorcyclizine
48. Chlorpheniramine
49. Clemizole
50. Cyproheptadine
51. Diphenhydramine
52. Diphenylpyraline
53. Doxylamine Succinate
54. Isothipendyl
55. Mebhydrolin Napadisylate
56. Meclozine
57. Phenindamine
58. Pheniramine
59. Promethazine
60. Thenalidine
61. Triprolidine
62. Substances being tetra-N-Subs. Derivatives of Ethylene Diamine or Prophylenediamine.

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