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Generic Medical Shops in India

A generic medicine is a prescription medication that is made to be identical to a brand-name drug that has previously been approved for marketing in terms of dose form, potency, mode of administration, quality, performance characteristics, and intended purpose.

How to locate Jan Aushadhi Stores in your place?

There are very less number of generic medical shops are available in India. But government took an initiative to extend the generic medical stores like - Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana - PMBJP "Jan Aushadhi" across the nation. The cost of Jan Aushadhi medications is 50–90% less than that of branded medications purchased on the free market. Medicines are procured only from the WHO-GMP certified pharmaceutical companies. The quality of each batch of medications is checked by the NABL (National Accreditation Board) Testing and Calibration Lab.

To find Generic Medical Shops - Jan Aushadhi

Step- 1 - To locate the Jan Aushadhi - Generic Shop Locator

Step - 2 - Select your state and district from the drop-down menu and give a search.

Step -3 - You can find the details of Store Number & Location, Address, contact person and functional details will be shown.

To find Generic Medicine Hospitals in your Place or Location

Step- 1 To locate AB PM-JAY Hospitals - PM-JAY Hospitals - Locator

Step- 2 Select hospital type - "Private" or "Public" or "GOI" and click on - Search

Step-3 You can find the AB PM-JAY Hospital details like Hospital ID, Name, Address etc.

To find Jan Aushadhi Store Using Mobile Application

Step - 1 - Install Jan Anushadi Sugam - Mobile Application - Jan Aushadhi Sugam (PMBI)

Step- 2 Sign Up and Login

Step -3 Find Dashboard and click on "Nearby Store" (Note: Give location permission when requested)

Step- 4 Type your "Location" or select "Distance" to find the nearby generic medical stores.
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