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Platinum-based chemotherapy drugs contain the element platinum. They are used to treat many types of cancer. Cancers that respond to platinum-based chemotherapy are called platinum sensitive cancers, most often involves drugs like cisplatin, which is usually given as a drip into your bloodstream. These drugs work to destroy rapidly multiplying cells, like cancer cells.

Drugs comes under Platinum based chemotherapy:

Platinum-based drugs,

  • Cisplatin
  • Carboplatin
  • Oxaliplatin



• leukemia
• lymphoma
• breast cancer
• testicular cancer
• ovarian cancer
• head and neck cancer
• cervical cancer
• sarcoma, cancer that starts in bone and soft tissue.


• bowel cancer
• stomach cancer
• pancreatic cancer
• breast cancer
• esophageal cancer


• ovarian cancer
• lung cancer
• head and neck cancer
• uterine cancer
• esophageal cancer
• bladder cancer
• breast cancer
• cervical cancer
• brain cancer
• sarcoma
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