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It is important to recognize the potential consequences of manipulating a medicinal product. Changing the way in which a dosage form is presented can alter its absorption characteristics, result in medicines instability, produce local irritant effects, cause failure to reach the site of action, may produce occupational health and safety issues, and could result in a preparation with an unacceptable taste. Most of these considerations apply equally to Specials, as well as to splitting and crushing of tablets and opening of capsules; there are risks and benefits associated with both. In most circumstances in which no appropriate licensed medicine is available, the prime objective should be to provide patients with a ready-to-use unlicensed medicine. There may, however be circumstances in which this is not the preferred choice.

These formulation of tablets should not be chewed or splitted up.

Delayed Release
Enteric-coated (EC)
Extended release
Effervescent tablet (EVT)
Mucous Membrane irritant (MMI)
Orally Disintegrating tablets (ODT)
Slow-release (SR)
Sublingual forms of drugs
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