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Measurable and Non-Measurable Verbs:

Revised blooms taxonomy questioning mainly focused on six levels of assessments on cognitive skills like remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. In order for an objective to give maximum structure to instruction, it should be free of vague or ambiguous words or phrases when setting the questions.

Examples of Non-Measurable Verbs;

Believe, Hear, Realize, Capacity, Intelligence, Recognize, Comprehend, Know, See, Conceptualize, Listen, Depth, Memorize, Think, Experience, Perceive, Understand, Feel.

Examples of Measurable Verbs;

The best resource for finding the measurable verbs is Benjamin bloom's taxonomy, and you find all the measurable used for all sort of assessments - Find Here-Revised Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Level 1 - Remembering

As per bloom's taxonomy, remembering measurable verbs should be used to assess the retrieving, recognizing, and recalling relevant knowledge from longer memory. Verbs used for setting remembering questions: Arrange, Define, Describe, Duplicate, Identify, Label, List, Match, Memorize, Name, Order, Outline, Recognize.

Blooms Level 2 - Understanding

Understanding level measurable verbs should be used to assess the level of understanding through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying, summarizing, inferring, comparing, and explaining. Verbs used for setting understand questions: Describe, Convert, Defend, Discuss, Identify, Distinguish, Estimate, Explain, Extend, Generalize, Give examples, Infer, Predict, Summarize, Classify.

Blooms Level 3 - Applying

Applying level measurable verbs should be used to assess the problem-solving skills to new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules differently. Verbs used for setting applying questions: Apply, Change, Choose, Compute, Demonstrate, Discover, Dramatize, Employ, Illustrate, Interpret, Manipulate, Modify, Operate, Practice, Predict, Prepare, Produce.

Blooms Level 4 - Analyzing

Analyzing level measurable verbs should be used to assess the analysis skills of students by their own judgment to begin analyzing the knowledge they have learned. Verbs used for setting analysis questions: Analyze, Appraise, Breakdown, Calculate, Categorize, Compare, Contrast, Criticize, Diagram, Differentiate, Discriminate, Distinguish, Examine, Experiment, Identify, Illustrate, Infer, Model, Outline.

Blooms Level 5 - Creating

Creating level measurable verbs are used to assess the creative skills by compile component ideas into a new whole or propose alternative solutions. Verbs used for setting creating level questions: Arrange, Assemble, Categorize, Collect, Combine, Comply, Compose, Construct, Create, Design, Develop, Devise, Explain, Formulate, Generate.

Blooms Level 6 - Evaluating

As per bloom's taxonomy, verbs should be used to assess the level on where students make judgments about the value of ideas, items, materials, and more. Evaluation is the final level of the Bloom's taxonomy pyramid. Verbs used for setting evaluation questions: Appraise, Argue, Assess, Attach, Choose, Compare, Conclude, Contrast, Defend, Describe, Discriminate, Estimate, Evaluate.

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