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List of ICH GCP Guidelines - Safety, Efficacy, Quality and Multidisciplinary Topics,
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The full form of ICH is "International Council for Harmonisation" ICH brings the regulatory forces and pharmaceutical companies to discuss various scientific and technical aspects of pharmaceuticals and develop the guidelines.

Few basic information about International Council for Harmonisation

The Head Quarter of ICH Council is in Geneva, Switzerland and founded at april 1990.

ICH Website:

The ICH comprises the following bodies,

ICH Assembly - Its a overarching governing body of ICH

ICH Management Committee - This Committee oversees operational aspects of ICH

MedDRA Management Committee - MedDRA is a subscription product of ICH, Commitee Manages MedDRA

ICH Secretariat - Responsible for day-to-day management of ICH

The ICH Guideline topics are divided into four categories like "Q", "S", "E" and "M" Series

Q : Quality Guidelines

S : Safety Guidelines

E : Efficacy Guidelines

M : Multidisciplinary Guidelines

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