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Are you looking for best PharmD colleges in India? Follow these tips for selecting the best PharmD College in India.

In India there are over 240 PharmD colleges are opened, and southern India has more number of Doctor of Pharmacy Colleges than northern India. Sometimes it will be more confusing to select the best college for doing your Doctor of Pharmacy Course. So, I have given few tips for selecting the best PharmD college in India.

Particularly States like, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka has more number of PharmD Colleges. In that, some of the colleges offers only PharmD ( 6 Year Programs) and some offers PharmD & PharmD Post Baccalaureate (3 Years after B Pharm) Programs.

Firstly, select the region for doing your PharmD in India. South or North? Preferably, I would suggest you to select south Indian PharmD Colleges because you will get more options than north.

Click here - To select the list of PharmD Colleges in India

Second, try to know about the practicing hospital of the selected college like, hospital type (Secondary, Tertiary or Multi-specialty) distance between the hospital and college. Additionally, it's better to know to what extent students/ college is collaborated with hospital. In some hospitals students won't get access to different wards, clinical/ academic preceptors will not be available or support & train the PharmD students and so on.

So, based on the above analysis you can prefer the PharmD College which is attached with muti-speciality or Tertiary care Hospital with good number of supporting clinical/academic preceptors.

Third, try to know the Ranking and Affiliations of the college, this will help you to understand the quality of the teachers, perception of the stakeholders about the college, services offered to the students etc. For instance, check the NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework) of the selected colleges and decide accordingly.

Click here - To get NIRF rankings of Pharmacy Colleges

Finally, try to know the approval status of college by PCI (Pharmacy Council of India)

Click here - To know the approved PharmD colleges by PCI

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can find the best PharmD College in India.

If you have more questions, you can reply below.

All the best.
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