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By Admin
Dear all,

I would like to make some understanding about future of Indian Pharm D graduates from my point of view. Forgive me if I am wrong with any of the following statements.

How many of you knew Indian doctors were waited and received pharmacists from airport for getting some basic information about the drugs ? It's was the time when our profession and their services were expected by someone. Why not today? It's become marketing guys and some how Indian Pharmacists deviated from their role and they meant only for production and marketing drugs.

D Pharm ,B Pharm, M Pharm curriculum's and it's related knowledge was utilized by pharma companies not for the direct patients benefits.Then Pharm D? It's for the patients and for our people. Whoever joined in hospital as clinical / hospital pharmacist should make the patient/ Healthcare professionals to understand without pharmacist their patient care will never be fulfilled.

What we do exactly on field ??? it's a million dollar question!!

We should understand some facts that we are equally competent to make some difference with our service. It's time to improve your skills and that should reflect on patient healthcare outcomes. Get recognized by Patients,doctors and other healthcare professionals and prove them what you can do as a clinical/ hospital pharmacist.

Moreover understand your role on healthcare service.Our future depends on our service to the patients. Keep in mind that we are not for grabbing any other healthcare professionals role. We have our own platforms to do our service to the patients.

Its Important to focus on the quality/ Implementing of the followings,

1. Preceptors Quality.
2. Hospital Facility.
3. Special Training or Practicals on Clinical Pharmacy Services.
4. Study Materials and other resources.
5. Simulation Trainings
6. Implementing OSCE ( Objective Structured Clinical Examination )
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