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PharmD Project Work- PCI Guidelines

  • To allow the student to develop data collection and reporting skills in the area of community, hospital and clinical pharmacy, a project work shall be carried out under the supervision of a teacher.
  • The project topic must be approved by the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution. The same shall be announced to students within one month of commencement of the fifth year classes.
  • Project work shall be presented in a written report and as a seminar at the end of the year. External and the internal examiners shall do the assessment of the project work.
  • Project work shall comprise objectives of the work, methodology, results, discussions and conclusions.

The Main objectives of PharmD Project Work

  • Show the evidence of having made accurate description of published work of others and of having recorded the findings in an impartial manner.
  • Develop the students in data collection, analysis and reporting and interpretation skills.

Methodology for Conducting PharmD Project:

To complete the project work the following methodology shall be adopted, namely:―

  • Students shall work in groups of not less than two and not more than four under an authorized teacher
  • The Project topic shall be approved by the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution.
  • Project work chosen shall be related to the pharmacy practice in community, hospital and clinical setup. It shall be patient and treatment (Medicine) oriented, like drug utilization reviews, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacovigilance or pharmacoeconomics
  • Project work shall be approved by the institutional ethics committee
  • The Student shall present at least three seminars, one in the beginning, one at the middle and one at the end of the project work.
  • Two-page write-up of the project indicating title, objectives, methodology anticipated benefits and references shall be submitted to the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution

Reporting Guidelines for PharmD Projects:

  • Student working on the project shall submit jointly to the Head of the Department or Head of the Institution a project report of about 40-50 pages. The Project report should include a certificate issued by the authorized teacher, Head of the Department as well as by the Head of the Institution.
  • The Project report shall be computer typed in double space using Times Roman font on A4 paper. The title shall be in bold with font size 18, sub-tiles in bold with font size 14 and the text with font size 12. The cover page of the project report shall contain details about the name of the student and the name of the authorized teacher with font size 14.
  • Submission of the project report shall be done at least one month prior to the commencement of annual or supplementary examination.

Evaluation Guidelines for PharmD Projects:

The following methodology shall be adopted for evaluating the project work :―

  • Project work shall be evaluated by internal and external examiners.
  • Students shall be evaluated in groups for four hours (i.e., about half an hour for a group of four students).
  • Three seminars presented by students shall be evaluated for twenty marks each and the average of the best two shall be forwarded to the university with marks of other subjects.

Evaluation shall be done on the following items:

a) Write up of the seminar(7.5)
b) Presentation of work(7.5)
c) Communication skills(7.5)
d) Question and answer skills (7.5)

Total(30 marks)

Final evaluation of project work shall be done on the following items:

a) Write up of the seminar(17.5)
b) Presentation of work (17.5)
c) Communication skills (17.5)
d) Question and answer skills (17.5)

Total(70 marks)

Explanation.―For the purposes of differentiation in the evaluation in case of topic being the same for the group of students, the same shall be done based on item numbers b, c and d mentioned above.
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