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My Dear Pharmacy colleagues,

On behalf of the Local Organising committee of the 67th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress being organised at JSS University , Mysuru, I extend my personal invitation to you and I am pleased to say that the host committee warmly looks forward to welcoming you to this landmark event.

I have always considered IPC as the Spirit of the Pharmacy Profession! The IPC over the years might have changed and evolved, but it continues to do what it always did, that is , bring the Pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, Pharma Industry, students , teachers, regulators and practicing pharmacists together. Some of us make observations that IPC is not the same as before - there is not much industry participation; there are too many students ; the scientific sessions are too many and so on. This all may be true as any event to continue to exist needs to evolve itself to the present needs and IPC has been no different. It is only we who like to compare and make observations. If we set aside the comparisons for a while we would be amazed to see that how the IPC has held the thread of bonding between us and the profession together. Hence 67th IPC also may present you a different edition! It is for the first time being organised at Mysuru which is a tier two city! It is perhaps once again the first time that the event is hosted by the hospital pharmacist association ( IHPA) , presided by a regulator ( Dr GN Singh) and held in an academic institution which is organising the IPC for the first time. The magnitude of the event may be smaller, the exhibition may be of different kind, the food may be different and so on , but let me assure that the LOC will work hard to make you feel at home and give you a satisfying and memorable professional experience that will rekindle ' the spirit of pharmacy profession ' in you.

I look forward to welcoming you all at the 67th IPC , Mysuru . Please block your dairy the dates 19, 20 & 21 December , 2015. Register quickly for the conference as we may have to limit registrations due to space constraints. Make your travel bookings early so that you are able to get your preferred connections! Let us all meet and celebrate the spirit of Pharmacy Profession.

Please find attached the soft copy of the brochure. Forward it to as many colleagues, friends and students, as you can and also host it in your organisations website.

With best wishes

Suresh B

Vice Chancellor
JSS University, Mysore &
President, Pharmacy Council of India
New Delhi
Phone : + 918212548391
Fax. : + 918212548394
email : [email protected]
[email protected]
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