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The webinar on medical writing as a career opportunity focuses on the overview of the drug development process and skills that are required to become a medical writer. The webinar also provides insights about the future for medical writing.

This session is for you if you are a: -
• Pharmacy graduate, Life Sciences graduate or a Medical graduate.
• If you are exploring upcoming new opportunities as a career path.
• If you read a lot and love writing medical and scientific information.
• If you work or planning to work in pharmaceutical, medical devices, clinical research, hospitals and healthcare industry.
• If you have heard about medical writing and are exploring to know more.

Key contents:

• Medical writing opportunities
• Drug discovery process?
• What is medical writing?
• Who is a medical writer?
• What do medical writers do?
• Types of writing?
• Types of documents medical writers write?
• Who can be a medical writer?
• Skills to be a medical writer
• Who employs medical writers?
• What is the salary structure of medical writers?

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