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How to create a professional ATS friendly resume from LinkedIn?

Applicant tracking system (ATS) it's a human resources software that helps the recruitment team to screen job applicants. Although the system helps the entire recruitment system and the company to do more, it has become a major concern for job applicants who do not understand and know it.

In this video, I explain how job aspirants can create ATS-friendly resume right in their LinkedIn account for free!

The following are the main steps involved in creating a resume from a LinkedIn profile using PC:

• Update the LinkedIn profile in line with your desired job description
• Go to the "Jobs" tab on the top
• Click on “Resume builder” on the left panel and
• Follow the onscreen instructions

Do you watch the video till the end to know more. If you want to know how you can use LinkedIn for searching for jobs, please follow the recording of my last webinar given below

When you make a resume directly via LinkedIn, you do not have to worry about

✅ Format
✅ Fonts
✅ Template
✅ Why?

Because LinkedIn takes care of all! Finally, you get the most suitable resume that you can upload to any ATS-compliant system! All for free!

I aspire to continue providing value addition to the profession of pharmacy. If you have some suggestions or you would like to be a speaker or simply if you wish to interact, please do connect with me at [email protected], I am sure, together, we shall be able to make this profession a better one!
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