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Dr. B. Suresh resigns from his post - President of Pharmacy Council of India. His service as a PCI president is remarkable and contributed well to the profession. He changed the face of the profession by introducing new practice courses like PharmD - Doctor of Pharmacy during his period as PCI president. Based on the recent notification from PCI, Dr.Pramod Yeole will be the acting president, and he was working as vice president of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University,


Dr. B Suresh, Past PCI President, passed his message to all the pharmacy fraternities after his resignation as shown below,

My dear fellow Pharmacy Colleagues,


I am reaching out to you all, to thank you for your affection and unstinting support to me in my endeavour in advancing Pharmacy Education and Profession in India through various forums including the Pharmacy Council of India. I have stepped down from the position of President of Pharmacy Council of India and I would like to thank you all for your support in various capacities that you have extended to me in realizing my responsibilities as the President of Pharmacy council of India and will cherish the same.

I am sure that I have your continued affection and friendship and would like to state that I have only stepped down from a position and not the profession. I will continue to be a Passionate Pharmacist and a dedicated Pharmacy teacher.

With Best Wishes

Dr B Suresh

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