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National Pharmacist Day Wishes - PCI President - Dr. B Suresh

Pharmacist Day Poster - 2019 - Download Here

My Dear Fellow Pharmacists,

Greetings and best wishes to all of you on the occasion of Pharmacists Day. Pharmacists Day is observed throughout the world on the September 25th, every year to recognise and also create an awareness about the role played by pharmacists in the healthcare delivery. Traditionally, unfortunately, pharmacists have always been behind the counters / scenes inspite of the important role pharmacists play in ensuring that ‘ Safe and Effective Medicines for all’, the theme proposed for this year’s Pharmacists Day.

This has not been thrusted upon us by any one else but ourselves as we were contented to be recognised as an associate or member of one team or the other and did not create an identity or niche for ourselves. As result of which the identity of Pharmacists as healthcare provider is neither acknowledged by the patients, other health professionals and stakeholders for a longtime. This is now changing! The 21st Century saw the Pharmacists voice slowly being heard as the challenges in the safe use of medicines started surfacing globally and led to the emergence of the pharmacists role in providing pharmaceutical care. The pharmacists should rise to the occasion and grab the opportunity and firmly establish their undisputed role and presence in healthcare team. Though the pharmacists of India are facing multiple challenges, their spirits are undeterred, and are progressing from strength to strength. Even in the times of slowed down GDP the Pharma sector remains as the sunrise sector of the country. More than one million pharmacists are behind this sector who come what may will ensure the availability of ‘Safe and Effective Medicines for All!’

My best wishes once again to all my fellow Pharmacists!
Happy Pharmacists Day !

Dr B Suresh
President, Pharmacy Council of India &
Pro Chancellor, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research,
Mysuru, Karnataka, India.

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