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Greetings to all of you on the Pharmacist Day!

I was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm, passion and commitment with which all our colleagues in India have taken upon themselves to celebrate the Pharmacist Day this year to advocate the pharmacy profession for it stands - A Profession that is committed to use its Knowledge, Skills and Values for the Rational and Safe Use of Medicines. We could see programs being organised, processions being taken out and pledges being made by the Million Pharmacists of our Country! Neither India nor the Indian Pharmacy profession has seen such a momentum in the past. Congratulations to all the Million Pharmacists of our country for the commitment. Please do send reports and photographs of the activities carried out by you so that the same can be hosted on the website of Pharmacy Council of India.

I could see my colleagues, in their messages, speeches and discussion forums were remembering the past, talking about the strengthening the present and planning the future! I am excited to see all these exchanges confirming my belief that the leaders of the pharmacy profession are working unitedly for a single goal of empowerment and recognition of pharmacists. I am sure the Next Generation of Pharmacists have great ideas and a equally greater future to make the Pharmacy Profession a Glorious One!

My best wishes to all of you on this occasion as we are celebrating the Pharmacist Day!

With best wishes

Suresh B

Vice Chancellor
JSS University, Mysore &
President, Pharmacy Council of India
New Delhi
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