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My dear fellow Pharmacists,

Greetings to all of you on the Pharmacist Day, 25th September, that is being observed throughout the nation and the world. This year we observe this with the theme ‘Pharmacy: Always Trusted for Your Health’. For decades, Pharmacy profession has remained as a trusted profession for the healthcare needs of its people and the society. The Pandemic brought to the fore the many ways in which the pharmacists across the globe responded as ‘Frontline Warriors’ and ensured that the access to medicine’s was not denied and took multiple responsibilities in supporting the governments, healthcare professionals and the patients and their caregivers. This has only reiterated the ‘Trust’ that people have in pharmacists.

The years ahead will be more demanding on the pharmacist’s role in strengthening the healthcare system across the globe. Armed with new knowledge and skills they will be expected to respond to task shifting and collaborative practices that may be required. Pharmacists should emerge as not only as the most reliable experts on medicines, but also as trusted health professionals who are always ready to ‘Provide care to those who need the most’.

The newer technologies and approaches to the discovery and development of drugs, understanding of the pharmacogenomics and the reliance on the vast heath data in decision-making and design thinking will bring to the fore the new generation of Pharmaceutical Techno-scientists who will pave the way for the emergence of precision medicine.

These and many more challenges will require a robust education system that is dynamic and is leading the way for the creation of new knowledge and practices.

My dear Pharmacists, Pharmaceutical scientists, and the Pharmacy educators, let us all pledge on this day that we will continue to work with passion and commitment and indeed remain ‘Always the trusted Healthcare professional’.

Remember, Trust cannot be bought or sold. It has to be earned!

Proud to be a Trusted Pharmacist.

Dr B Suresh,
President, Pharmacy council of India
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