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PharmD Info is the Portal, serving as an online forum dedicated for the pharmacy professionals with inbuilt features of an ideal web discussion portal. The goal of this Portal is to create a good communication platform in the web for the pharmacists to make networks within the profession and also with other healthcare professionals and enhance their knowledge, skills and professional relationships. Through this forum, registered members shall form special interest groups and sub-groups on various forum titles with a designated moderators who shall have the overall access on the sub-group. However, the administrator shall have the completed access and control over the Portal.


Dr. GK Sadagoban, a PharmD graduate working as a Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty (A Constituent College of Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara University, Mysuru) has developed this Portal out of his professional interest and passion, using the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), an open source scripting language for web development and Linux, the most widely used open source operating system. The web site was launched officially by Dr. Md. Afzal Azam, Vice-Principal and Dr. S. Ponnusankar, Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacy Practice on 07th April, 2015 in a low profile function held at JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty.

Salient Features of PharmD Info

This Portal comprises of two major platforms, first, the discussion forums and second, E –Learn, Learning Management System (LMS).

1.Discussion Forums

At present, there are about 9 forums under different titles are operational in the Portal. But any number of titles shall be added as per the requirements and many sub-forums under each title shall also be added in future.

The 9 titles presently available are

i. Pharmacy Education
ii. Clinical Research / Journal Club
iii. Pharmaceutical Care
iv. Pharmaceutical Industry
v. Indian Doctors Forum
vi. Pharma News
vii. Pharma Jobs Alerts
viii. Suggestions/FAQs
ix. Admins Corner

2.E- Learn

E-Learn System powered by Chamilo application facilitates the various online teaching learning methods to the students and faculties. This platform exclusively focuses on developing and delivering various online teaching modules for the registered members including students by the respective course provider who shall be a teacher/professional.

The developments of information technology have positively influenced every field and so the education. We, The Faculty of Pharmacy at JSS Ooty realize the evolution of NE(X)T GENERATION LEARNERS and thus committed to exercise ICT enabled teaching-learning methods. Such novel pedagogies will certainly enable the graduates to gain advanced knowledge, skills, motivating them for life-long learning and shape them as a responsible and successful professional in the global society.

To accomplish ICT enabled teaching and learning, a dedicated ‘Learning Management System’ (LMS) by name ‘E-Learn’ is designed. This LMS comprise of Online Course Work, E-Tests, E-Assignments & Projects, etc.

PharmD Info – E Learn Portal Features

A teacher Using E-Learn can access a series of useful tools allowing them to easily and efficiently create an effective learning environment. On creating/editing a course he/or she can:

• Import or create documents (audio, video, images) and publish them
• Build tests and exams with automated scores and feedback as required
• Build or import (SCROM and AICC) compliant courses
• Set and receive virtual assignments
• Describe the components of the course through description sections
• Communicate through forums or chat
• Publish announcements
• Add links
• Create work groups or laboratory groups
• Set up a virtual classroom (through the video conference extension)
• Manage scores through the assessments tool
• Create surveys
• Add a wiki to create documents collaboratively
• Use a glossary
• Use an agenda
• Manage a project (through the blog tool)
• Enable tracking of learners in your courses
• Register attendance
• Online Certification- Course Works
• Elaborate a class diary (course progress).

The E-Lear platform is found more flexible and the tools can be customized according to the needs of each course. It provides a friendly and intuitive user interface which requires no special / prior technical knowledge / skills.
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